Friday, July 4, 2008

star-spangled banner

Star-Spangled Banner
July 2008

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"Fireworks." That was the first thought in my head as I woke up today. It's been years since I saw fireworks on the 4th of July, and last year I couldn't do the traditional celebration because I was living abroad at the time. July 4 was no more special than July 5. So I was excited about seeing fireworks today and posting pictures here.

Then it rained. And rained. And rained.

So, now that I'm certain I will not catch sight of any fireworks, I'll go to my back up. I really like the texture of this shot. Often when I envision our flag in my mind, I picture flat expanses of color, and not the textures of the fabric. I like that this shot shows off the texture, as well as the good old "red, white, and blue."

I finally converted the recordings I made from the performance in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, the microphone was a bit too close to the piano speakers, but it's still a half-decent recording. I'm still trying to figure out how to post a sound file -- if anyone can tell me how to, I'll post one here so everyone can listen if they so desire.

In other news, I registered to take the GRE today. I think it is completely unethical to charge such an exorbitant fee to take an exam -- $140! Not only do I not want to take this 4-hour test, but I don't want to study for it or stress about it, much less pay to take it! Really, it's ridiculous to charge students such a price. I hardly have any money in the first place! (Okay, I'll get down off my soap box now.)

Happy 4th of July!


Anna said...

Just for the record my 4th of July last year was way more fun than this year's. Need I remind you that we had a "american" meal with the Phillips and lit sparklers outside afterwards :-) I have good memories from that day.

Britt said...

LOVE this! I know a flag is a flag no matter what, but I love this type of heavy material so much more than the cheap plastic ones (is that bad?)
I am sorry you didn't get to see any fireworks. Maybe for Labor day?

Anna said...

Love the flag and the texture! Happy 4th!

JC said...

Love this shot! Simply wonderful :-)

Robert said...

Well even if you didn't see fireworks to post, this is still nice. I love our flag. I always take the Pledge of Allegiance seriously in school and make sure the students know what it is they are saying. Wonderful image.