Sunday, June 28, 2009

photoshoot: three brothers: take 5

"Cheese!" Just too cute.

Currently enjoying a quiet evening to myself -- listening to a little Charles Ives on my new clock-ipod-radio contraption (the last clock I had was so bright that it kept me up at night, even on the dim setting), sipping my new favorite summer drink, and slowly working on a little more deep cleaning and organizing. Thought I would take a break to put up a quick post.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

photoshoot: three brothers: take 4

Here is one of my favorite shots of S. He had the cutest little pouting face, and this is probably the most still he was for the whole shoot. I really love this shot, and so did his mama!
My iTunes: Salut marin by Carla Bruni

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

photoshoot: three brothers: take 3

We did the photoshoot on a football field -- fitting for three brothers, don't you think? S was a real mover, and didn't stay still too long. I managed to snap this shot as he was playing by the practice net down by one of the end zones. Two seconds later, he was just a blur, running as fast as he could toward the other end of the field.
My iTunes: George by William Bolcom

Monday, June 22, 2009

photoshoot: three brothers: take 2

Isn't this little guy just too cute for words?

At work again... back to the grind (literally, because I work in a coffee shop...)
My iTunes: L'Amoureuse by Carla Bruni

Sunday, June 21, 2009

photoshoot: three brothers

I am resurfacing after a blogging hiatus! I did a quick shoot yesterday for a friend of mine who wanted some pictures of her boys for Father's Day. They turned out really well, and you really see the different personalities of her three boys. T is the oldest and definitely has the older brother mentality. E is the middle boy and my friend says that no one else in the world can make her laugh harder. S is the youngest and he marches to his own beat, and will be a little heart breaker one day. It was quite a fun shoot, and my friend was happy with the pictures. I'll probably put up a few more here soon, but this will be it for now!
My iTunes: Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by the Trevor Horn Orchestra

Saturday, June 6, 2009

musical art: part 3

And here is the third and final installment. I'm excited to see them printed and put up on the wall. Actually, I'm just excited to see the walls in person!

I've been on the look-out for a bedding set for my apartment as well. Since I'm renting a studio apartment, the bed will be a significant fixture, so I wanted to be sure that I like the duvet cover I get. I saw one online that caught my eye, but wanted to see it in person. When I got to the store, they didn't have the one I was looking for, but I found one I liked better that was on clearance! And, thanks to some coupons I had, I got an additional 20% off. Score!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

musical art: part 2

Part two of my three-part musical art series.
My iTunes: Beethoven's 5th Symphony

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

musical art: part 1

In lieu of purchasing art to decorate my apartment this fall, I'm planning on decorating it with some of my own works. I want something a bit more abstract, but still involving photography. Since I'm slightly obsessed with music, I thought I'd try my hand at creating a series based on images of music. This is the first of the three I've created so far.
My iTunes: Beethoven's Ninth Symphony