Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"knowingly, deliberately, and with style"

"Knowingly, Deliberately, and with Style"
July 2008

My iTunes: C by Poulenc

Per Quilly's comment yesterday, I am breaking the rules of Project Black! I am doing so "knowingly, deliberately, and (I hope) with style". This is probably my favorite image from the photoshoot I did with my friends last week, and I've been dying to post it ever since I finished editting it. The strong blacks and whites make this photo so much more than the original color, so I think it works as a good contribution to Project Black, despite the "find black in color" stipulation. Besides, if the amazing Anna could break her own rules, why can't it?

Quilly's encouragement to break the rules had fantastic timing. I didn't have time today to take or edit any pictures, so it was going to have to be an archive day anyway. The great time-crunch started when my alarm completely failed to go off (yes, it was set for a.m. not p.m., and the volume was turned up) and I woke up at 8:20. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, except my class started at 9:00 and it usually takes 45 minutes to get there without fighting traffic. But miraculously, I made it to class on time. In between classes today I had errands to run, and what little time I did spend on the computer was spent researching graduate schools. (The latest addition is SUNY Stony Brook, for anyone who is interested.)

But now, since I was apparently so tired last night, I'm going to try to get some beauty sleep. Enjoy Project Black, and check Anna's blog for links to all the participants!


Robert said...

This is not my first time seeing this so I've had some time to take it in. I really love the space leading up to them. It really draws our view in well. The black and white is incredible here. Color definitely would have detracted. Great job once again. Enjoy those classes of yours!

Carletta said...

I love it! I'm thinking that you might have taken it with a thought toward their feet, but it is so much more than that.
Great job as always.
I told Robert when he was getting ready for his wedding shoot that we would be saying "I knew him when."
Well, it most certainly will also be "I knew her when."!!!!

quilly said...

Lovely photo. You know what is remarkable? I barely had time to visit anyone today, yet I managed to make it to you and leave my advice. Somethings are just meant to be.

Oh, and thanks for the link.

JC said...

Lol... good advice... and great use of it. B&w works very well here... and this screams summer time! Terrific!

JFargo said...

I really like it, and am glad you cheated. :)

Britt said...

Wonderful! (as always)
It has that relaxed feeling of friends just hanging out... no posing :)

Rebecca said...

I've looked at all your Project Black entries snow. I love this one, and the piano. I think the flip flops may be my favorite, though. :)

Anna said...

I told you this was one of my favorite images from that day! And I almost ALWAYS prefer black and white so I love this Christy!

Anna said...

I posted in black and white today too... I cried while posting... it's really long but if you get a chance read it :-)

Dianne said...

I love your title post second only to how wonderful your photos is

Jeanne Damoff said...

Fabulous shot! Love the angle, lighting, everything.

It helps that your friends have pretty feet. Not all feet are created equal. ;)