Sunday, July 20, 2008

beautiful bride

Beautiful Bride
July 2008

My iTunes: Wedding March

Bells rang (yesterday) for Jessica and Jeremy, and I had a great time shooting the wedding! I learned a lot, and have a lot of practical ideas for what to do next time, but despite this being my first wedding shoot, I think I got some good images.

I got back too late to post in time for yesterday, but I had to edit this one photo for today's post. There will be more to come.

But isn't it great for Project Black because of Jess's black hair?


Anna said...

What a teaser! I love it!

Anna said...

Her veil is gorgeous!!!!!

Anna said...

Aw so pretty!

Britt said...

And the black car (limo?) behind her!!
I can't wait to see more!

Raven said...

Lovely shot... and you not only have her black hair, you have that black car in the background. Glad the shoot was fun.

Robert said...

Bravo!!! You sound on top of the world right now so I can tell they're going to be great. Congrats on your first wedding. Very exciting. And a wonderful first image.

Carletta said...

Yeah, our first wedding image and it's gorgeous!
I see everybody else noticed the car too. ;)

This is a wonderful shot - the dress is beautiful and I love the light on the bride.

More please!

Dianne said...

beautiful, her pearls shine onto her face!!