Friday, July 4, 2008

Dans un delire extreme

Well, I think I may have figured out how to share an .mp3 file (thanks for the help, Robert!). You should be able to click the link below and download the file -- I haven't figured out how to embed the file here without paying fees yet.

DISCLAIMER: the microphone was about 15 feet away from me and was sitting on the piano speaker, and thus the piano is much louder than my singing. I am still learning how to use my audio editing software, and didn't have time to poke around with it this time. In future, I'll try to post some better files that you can hear more clearly. But in the meantime, enjoy!

Download Christy Thomas - Dans un delire extreme

This song was written by Nicolo Isouard in 1814, and was one of the pieces I found in the archives, but I couldn't find any recordings. There are two verses in French, and two English translations were included. I sing the two French verses and then the first English:

Dans un délire extreme / On veut fuit ce qu'on aime / On pretend se venger / On jure de changer / On devient infidele / On court de belle en belle / Et l'on revient tou jours / A ses premiers amour // Ah d'une ardeur sincere / Le tems peut nous distraire / Mais nes plus deux plaisirs / Sont dans mes souvenirs / En pense, en pense encore / A celle qu'on adore / Et l'on revient tou jours / A ses premiers amour // When faithless thoughts arise / And dim the lover's eyes / He coldly feigns to woo / And seems no longer true / He roves from fair to fair / And finds each beauty rare / But ever to his view / His first love seems most true // In rosy fetters bound / In triumph love is crown'd / For prayers and vows are dear / When passion is sincere / He dwells on some new prize / Conceal'd 'neath beauty's eyes / But ever to his view / His first love seems most true //


JC said...

Wow... I can visualize the whole scene. I do wish the piano wasn't so dominant but it sure is a good sample. You have a terrific voice!!

Robert said...

Well this was indeed a treat. Absolutely wonderful. As you noted, that pesky piano was in the way a bit. After all the reading, it was nice to finally hear you. Very well done. Photography, singing, triple major...where does it stop??? :)

Dillo said...


Thanks for sharing that! Beautiful. As someone who is often asked to sing, "Low and far away", I really appreciate those who are truly gifted in that arena! More, more!