Monday, July 21, 2008

the back

The Back
July 2008
My iTunes: The Mermaid Song by Haydn

Quick post -- I still have work to do and have to be up early in the morning...

The bride loved the back of her dress, and wanted to make sure we had a shot of it.


Britt said...

I loved looking through the wedding shots on your flickr!
And I'm happy to see this one here, too!
They're all so good! I don't know how you choose which to post one-at-a-time!

Robert said...

I love the angle and how you filled the frame here. And of course b&w is perfect! I'm glad I saw Britt's comment about there being more on flickr. I'll go look. Great stuff so far!

Anna said...

I love this.....especially the angle! Great editing! I am so excited about your camera!!!! :) YAY!