Friday, January 22, 2010

special delivery

3 months and 7 days since my last post.  Clearly, I have been shamefully lax in my posting.  Sadly to say, I have also been shamefully lax in my shooting.  What can I say -- the life of a graduate student is busier than I expected.  I'm hoping to do more shooting this term now that I have my feet under me.

The start of a new term inevitably means purchasing books.  In the past two weeks, I think I have come close to literally purchasing my weight in books.  I love it.  This special delivery, however, practically screamed to be photographed, so I grabbed my trusty Nikon off the shelf and had some fun before opening it.  I wish all my mail looked as great as this package:

In the end, it was graduate school that kept me from my camera and graduate school that compelled me to get it out again.  Ironic?

But speaking of graduate school, I have to go read that book that I opened yesterday...
iTunes: Figli del mesto cor by Handel, performed by Jochen Kowalski