Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the make-up

The Make-up
July 2008

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Welcome to Christy Thomas Photography! I guess this is technically the first post for this new and improved URL. If you're reading this, I'm very glad that you found your way here!
Ever searching for a different angle on traditional subjects, I think I found a few unique angles at the wedding this weekend. This is one of my favorites -- it seems very modern, but still classy. Perhaps that's just me. I'd love to hear other opinions!

Lens #1 was purchased -- I opted for a Nikkor 18-70 mm. It looks like the lens might arrive before the camera body! I tend to take a lot of macro shots, and I'm going to miss the 12x optical zoom that my old camera offered, but eventually lenses #2 and #3 can replace the lost range.

Now I'm off to edit more wedding shots, and perhaps take a stab at the 30-page paper I've been putting off for two years...


Robert said...

That indeed is a fun angle. But what is that in the other person's hand?

18-70 is a great first choice. You've got you wide to telephoto covered. It will probably spend most of the time on your camera even after you get new lenses. Keep the old camera handy for the macro shots until then.

30 page paper??? Eeeeek. I'd put that off too!

Christy said...

It's a compact mirror.

Carletta said...

Congrats Christy!
For - the site, the photos (they're awesome) and the new camera!

The old teacher in me has to say - write that paper! :)

Anna said...

I would say you are a mini-me but you are far smarter! Lucky you! So glad about all your investments....that is what they are!

You already know I agree with 18-70 is what I use 90% of the time!

Congrats get to writing and stop shopping online!!! That is so ME!

Is there a flair for that? ;)

Anna said...

Ditto what the other Anna said- Start writing! I don't want you stressed come August when I'm in Westminister!

Britt said...

Yay new URL, camera, & lens!!
Good luck on that paper!
As to your question, yes I'll probably go see the 2nd one... even though it'll be much different the the 2nd book... thats ok :) Are you a Sisterhood fan?

Jeanne Damoff said...

I agree! Love the angle.

As for lenses, I keep a 18-200 mm on my camera almost all the time. I love to capture distant shots without interfering in the moment. However, I love macro, too, and still need to acquire a good lens for that.