Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the information desk

The Information Desk
July 2008

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I spent nearly 3 hours yesterday standing at the information desk while waiting to hopefully figure out my living situation for next year. I hope that after today's maneuvering, I will have somewhere to live, but I will have to wait on confirmation for a few more days, possibly a couple weeks. Pray that things work out. It would be a real relief to finally have somewhere to live after several months of uncertainty and plans falling through.

I had both classes today (the professor showed up). The class that I didn't have last night was the most boring thing I have experienced in my life. I think I actually lost brain cells sitting there. If my current career plan continues as it looks like it will, and I eventually become a professor, I will remember this experience and never repeat it. College classes, any classes, should present a challenge to the students; they should not be impossible, but under no circumstance should there be 25-question, open book, multiple choice exams. I didn't think a class experience could ever match my Philosophy class last fall, but this class matches it easily. We'll see if it surpasses the other as time passes.


Anna said...

That is the longest desk I have EVER seen!

Robert said...

I already trust God is in control and your living situation will resolve. I also understand the anxiousness. But rest in the fact He understands, cares, and is sovereign.

One of the reasons I loved teaching 3rd grade (still my grade of preference to teach) was because of my third grade teacher. I literally can not remember a single moment in that class. I was bored beyond belief. I vowed to never be that kind of teacher. I hope I'm succeeding.