Sunday, August 24, 2008

peeling paint

Peeling Paint
August 2008

My iTunes: Overture from Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro

Sorry for missing yesterday -- I moved into my new room (or should I say, closet?) and couldn't get the internet set up until this afternoon.

My nickname for my room is The Closet. It's tiny, and we don't even have a closet, so my joke is that we got a closet instead of a room. It doesn't seem bad when you first walk in, but as you look around, you realize that between the two beds, two upright dressers, two desks, and armoire, there is NO wall space left. I had to stack my nightstand/shelving unit on top of the dresser. I went to Target to get the organizer cubes to make some more storage space, but they won't fit anywhere. So, I loaded up my car with what won't fit, and will have to return the cubes. The sad part is that I had already majorly down-sized what I brought.

I also found out that my roommate is studying abroad in the spring (surprise, surprise!). I hope she has a good semester -- I think much of this semester will be spent in tears getting over last semester's break-up. Luckily for me, one of the girls in the MASSIVE double upstairs (it has a bedroom the size of ours, PLUS an equal size room with the desks and such!) is also studying abroad, so I can move up to the other room next semester. I will have had 5 rooms and 5 roommates in my 4 undergraduate years.

The worse news -- I realized last night that the 50-page Latin paper I wrote in gone. Really gone. I could cry. I'm going to see the professor tomorrow. If anyone would say, "I'm sure you did the paper, I'm sure it was excellent, so I'll just give you a grade and not make you rewrite it," it would be this professor, but I don't know if she really will. Maybe I can negotiate taking that independent study as "Pass/Fail" and not have to rewrite the paper.

If it wasn't for losing my 50-page paper and possibly all my senior seminar research, I'd be excited about the start of the semester. As it is, I just feel slightly sick.

The happy thing about the past few days -- since connecting my phone to my computer apparently kills my computer, I finally gave in and bought a new ring tone. It's what I'm listening to on iTunes right now. It makes me happy.


Robert said...

I would feel sick too if I lost a 50 page paper. At least this and things like living in a closet make for great blog stories. You'll look back and laugh (hopefully) when this time passes. Tonight's picture looks like something sent back from space!

Lacey Lichi said...

I'm sorry about all of the drama. New beginnings- right! You have so much to look forward to that those little bumps in the road will fade right into the background!
I got to see my college roommate this weekend and I remember trying to get creative in our tiny dorm room. At one point using our desks and cinder blocks-we made a fantastic loft bed. We rearranged that darn room more times than I can count!
We are living in a "closet" here too. We went from a house into an apartment and it is QUITE cramped. It has pluses but only a few!

Anna said...

I am totally feeling for you Christy!!! I hope you week goes can only get better right???

Jeanne Damoff said...

I'm SO sorry about your paper and other lost research. Wow. I hope the Latin professor dispenses much grace.

Interesting shot. Where's the peeling paint? In your new "closet"?

Anna said...

New ring tone... that made me laugh...