Thursday, August 7, 2008

flower bed

Flower Bed
August 2008

My iTunes: Mon Cadavre Est Doux Comme Un Gant by Poulenc

Yesterday I had time to kill (when does THAT ever happen?) while I was waiting to see the inside of the house I'll be living in next year, so I walked around and snapped some pictures on campus. I love brick, so this shot called out to me. I wish the flowers had been facing me, but oh well. I'll tell the gardeners to fix it for the next time :)

The song that I'm listening to is one I'm working on this summer. The whole cycle is gorgeous. Can anyone translate the title? (It's a fantastic title -- I'll share in tomorrow's post what the translation is.)


Anna said...

So pretty. Love the brick.

Robert said...

I love the nicely saturated colors of the flowers and how they stand out amongst the brick.