Monday, August 11, 2008

la barista

La Barista
August 2008

My iTunes: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by W.A. Mozart

Meet Emily. She is a barista at Starbucks, an artist, and an all-around lovely person. We even have the same birthday. One of us is older, the other is taller. I'm not telling which is which. I just spoke with her on the phone a few hours ago and the poor thing has to work the REALLY late shift tonight. Apparently some brand-new video game is being released, so Starbucks is staying open until 12:30 for all the gamers. She wasn't too pleased. Hopefully this shot will brighten her day (or night?) when she sees it.

I will be leaving tomorrow morning to go out of town for a few days. I'll be taking care of a gaggle of kids for the rest of the week, and will not have access to internet or cell phone reception. (I think I might go into withdraw...) I will, however, be taking my new camera! And thanks to blogger allowing me to pre-schedule a post, I've set up posts for the next four days, so keep visiting even though I won't be here!

And while you're checking blogs, Lacey Lichi is back! I've been anxiously awaiting her next post for a few weeks, and it has finally arrived! Make sure to visit her blog here.

I mailed off my external hard drive to CA this morning. Sadly, I lost many, many pictures. I still have the wedding shots, anything I've uploaded to Flickr, and all my travels to Europe, but beyond that I'm not sure what is left. I'm anxious for them to send me a replacement because my laptop hardrive has about 3 gb of space left.

I just finished putting the songs I'll want to listen to over the next few days on my ipod (a 2 gb ipod means shuffling songs a lot) and I ended up with 6 operas on there... Wow, am I a music nerd or what?

See you when I return!


Anna said...

Cool shot... I know which one is shorter and that's only because to be shorter than you she would have to be a dwarf :-P You LOVE ME!!!!!!!!! Pour House date next week? How awesome is it that I can say that?

Anna said...

That makes me want to cup a coffee....and I dont even drink coffee!