Sunday, August 3, 2008

take me out to the ball game

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
August 2008

My iTunes: Soundtrack to Pearl Harbor

I took so many shots at the baseball game that it was hard to decide which to post. I was tempted to post a shot of a baby's first game -- he had big, blue eyes and his dad, who was an avid baseball fan, had him in a little baseball jersey. We shared our first baseball game! But in the end, I decided on this shot. How'd I do, Robert?


Robert said...

You did GREAT! You captured a great moment. The blur of the bat and ball really emphasize the action. The edit job is wonderful. Was it a single action or did you play around with this one? Either way, I love it. It adds an artsy feel without overkill. The game is still the main element as opposed to the processing. Does that make sense? Hope you enjoyed your first game. :)

Anna said...

You actually went to a sporting event?

Christy said...

Don't sound so surprised, Anna! I've even EXPLAINED a sports game to someone before. (Correctly, I might add...)

And, yes, Robert, your comment does make sense, because that's exactly what I was aiming for! Good to know I hit the nail on the head :)

Britt said...

Oh, I love it! And I agree with Robert!

Anna said...

So is that TDW Christy??? :)

Christy said...

No, not TDW - Rusty Cage.