Saturday, August 4, 2007

Camden Lock

August 2007
Moondreams Moored

My iTunes: Brave by Out of the Grey

I went to Camden Town yesterday and walked along the Lock and took some pictures. Sadly, it's turned into a rather dodgey place, contrary to how peaceful it looks from pictures. At least one murder and one rape have happened there in the past year, and it's a hot spot for drug and alcohol addicts. When I was there right around 6:00 p.m., it was mostly peaceful and I didn't see anything really sketchy, but people were starting to congregate on the banks by the time I left. This house boat was called Moondreams and I liked the name, so I snapped a picture. Enjoy!


Anna said...

Despite the dodgeyness (LOL) I still love camden!!

You know me and those naps on the ground...MISS YOU!!!!

Anna said...

ME LOVE CAMDEN! I love this blog Christy! I am bookmarking you girl so I dont miss anything! BTW, are your London pants actually mine that you got at Asha? Hehehe. MISS YOU!