Wednesday, August 6, 2008

diptych quadrants

Diptych Quadrants
August 2008

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This is one of the projects I was working on yesterday. We're working on putting together flyers and mailers to advertise events and such at the beginning of the semester, and were hoping to get them printed and mailed before the freshman move in. My project was to design images for the flyers. This one is for the flyer about small group Bible studies. I love that I get to use the word "diptych" here -- having been trained by a medieval art historian, I have looked at my share of diptychs (and triptychs and polyptychs), so it's exciting to get to create my own. (Although I have to say, I prefer the old ones in some ways.) Too bad it wasn't a paid project.

Today has been a very productive day, with the exception of the 2 1/2 hours wasted in my evening class. I took a 50-question final exam this morning (I got out in less than 20 minutes, having not studied at all), mailed two packages, practiced piano, straightened up my car and my room, created the images for the flyers, studied a little theory, cleaned up my schedule for the next two weeks, caught up with some correspondence, and finally started studying aurals.

For those non-music-geeks, aurals is a nickname for aural musicianship, which basically refers to ear training. After hearing something once, I have to notate and/or repeat it perfectly. Eventually the sequences are quite challenging (long and multi-layered). I hadn't looked at (or rather listened to) aurals since March, before my back surgery, and the longer I put it off the more daunting it became, which is not good because I have to place into third semester, having never taken an aural course. No pressure, right? Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, but as I was working on dorian and mixolydian scales at 11:45 p.m., I decided that I like them. I must be a glutton for punishment.

But now it's time to hit the proverbial sack (if I can stop thinking about dorian and mixolydian scales!)...


Robert said...

Did you remember to breathe? And eat? My gosh. I think you need to go back to Anna's site and look at her "relaxing" image of Jack sleeping. I get tired just reading about someone so busy. I'd consider it an accomplished day if I got my car cleaned out!

I like what you've done with these images. The separations in the two quadrants on the right don't appear as distinct as those on the left though. Perhaps (if you don't mind an unsolicited suggestion) try shading the right quadrants the same as the left. Upper left and bottom right the same and so on. Just an idea.

June said...

Not sure what diptych quadrants are, but I sure like them...yours anyway. I guess it's an processing effect with the quadrants of the frame?

Christy said...

Well, a diptych is technically a two-sided image (I created this one by attaching two vertical images together), then the quadrant is the four-part color processing. I guess I should have explained that in the post! :)

LZ Blogger said...

Christy ~ All this talk of Diptych Quadrants has made me feel like a DIPSTICK! Nice work on that test! Good for you! ~ jb///