Friday, August 15, 2008

barbie shoes

Barbie Shoes
August 2008

I was at Payless the other day and saw this pair of Barbie-pink high-heels. I just had to take a picture. They're so retro that I thought I would edit the picture to feel even more retro with a "pross-crossessing" filter a-la-TRA.

I'll be back in town Saturday, which if you're reading this is "tomorrow," although as I type it's 5 days from now. Hopefully I will have gotten some good pictures while I'm away, and won't be in complete internet and cell phone withdraw...


Lacey Lichi said...

Wish I could wear pink heels. They are very Barbie- they match her car I have parked in our play room! Good processing choice too. I can't wait to see shots from your trip. Welcome back!

Britt said...

*gasp* these are SO fabulous! Not that I could ever actually wear something like that... but the picture is amazing!!
I hope your trip was a good one!

Pinky said...

sexy High Heels