Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the kiss

The Kiss
July 2008

My iTunes: Cosi fan tutte by Mozart

The wedding shots continue, as does the paper writing. I've been very self-controlled and have not played with my new actions much, and haven't even done any shooting with my new camera yet. The paper will be finished soon, I can feel it. But until then... it demands as much mental attention as I can spare (and all my loathing as well).

Jeremy was so excited about this kiss! It was really sweet.

If I ever get a male dog, I'm naming him Mozart. I decided that today, and thought I'd share it as today's random factoid.

Just realized I forgot to add the watermark. Oh well, I'm too tired from paper-writing...


Robert said...

Your will power and dedication are impressive. If it were me, I'd have been shooting all day with the new camera and I'd be checking the course schedule to see when the class I'm about to fail because I didn't finish the paper is being taught again.

Anna said...

HAHAHA to what robert said! I like this shot and I love that through editing you can take shots that you may not have been happy with and make them shine! I like this one and I love the story with it!!!

Anna said...

Great shot! This one of those that their great grandchildren will hang on their walls and proudly proclaim "This is from my great grandparents' wedding in 2008."