Tuesday, July 22, 2008

folded hands

Folded Hands
July 2008

My iTunes: Somebody to Love by Queen

This is another shot from the wedding on Saturday, but even though it's dominated by white, this was not the bride -- this is the flower girl. She was quite the little star and loved having her picture taken. This is one of my favorites that I snapped of her. It reminds me of an Anna shot -- off center and with a slight glow!

But I have big news -- I finally decided to take the plunge and invest in my very own dSLR! I'm so thankful that I've been able to borrow one lately, but have been playing around with the idea of getting my own in order to really get a photography business going. (And have a little pleasure on the side, of course!) Anna has been one of my biggest cheerleaders all along and her encouragement finally convinced me. I came across a great ebay deal on a Nikon D80 body because the seller had upgraded to the D300, and I decided to go for it! So now I'm searching for lenses and just got off the phone with Anna chatting about it (we're both up late trying to squeeze a post in -- check hers out)! I also ordered business cards from MOO the other day -- I should have a lot of wonderful things coming in the mail next week!


Britt said...

Yay!! Congratulations! Anna mentioned yesterday that she was trying to convince you to get MOO cards (I got to see hers... they're so cool!) & an SLR :) I'm so happy for you!
Oh yeah, and the picture is super cute! With a dress like that, its no wonder the little girl was so eager to show off! :)

Anna said...

Thanks for the plug darling!

I am so proud of you and I am excited! THis shot is great b/c you know what it made me think of when I saw it on flickr??? How anxious that little girl must be to be a bride one day! I remember that as a child!

Very sweet shot!

Do you like the pic of Britt up there? I took it yesterday!!! She is beautiful! I love having such stunning subjects!

Anna said...

You are going to have to change your blog address...

"throughtheamateurlens" isn't going to cut it now!


Robert said...

The picture is wonderful. I saw this yesterday and just loved it. I'm glad you posted it here. Such big exciting stuff going on. I can't wait to hear how much you love having a dSLR. And I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Anna said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! YOU DID IT!!!! The Christy Thomas Photography blog is here! I am loving that you found the lens AND for a great price!!!!


Anna said...

I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!! I'm also excited that I'll probably be getting to see you in action again this year at McDaniel!!!

Anna said...

That wasn't in reference to you actually using it but rather my seeing you in action!!!!! Gosh! I know you'll be using all your new stuff :-) I'm very jealous haha

JC said...

I'm really enjoying your wedding shots! This one is spectacular... love the cloudiness, so silky and soft.

Have fun with your new gear... and read the manual :-)