Tuesday, July 29, 2008


July 2008

My iTunes: Free by Ginny Owens

I decided to get the Totally Rad Actions pack today because they're having a sale -- this is the first product! I'm really loving the action pack -- check it out here. I'm hoping it will cut down my editing time significantly!

I bought a memory card this evening, so tomorrow I can play with my camera! But for now, I have to be a good girl and work on finishing my paper. I went from 12 pages to 32 in two days and now I'm just trying to finish my outline, since I've hit my minimum page limit.


JC said...

Or it will increase your editing time... while you play around with it ;-)

Great job on the shot and the paper! You've got more will power than me... I'd be out shooting, lol.

Did you read the manual?

Anna said...

YAYY you finished the paper! or are at least close...

Anna said...

I KNOW you are are LOVING these actions! I wouldnt edit with out them! :) Great shot.....lines and hands....I love it!

Britt said...

This feels very classic to me... which I love! But it's also got that little something extra that all your work has!
Way to go on the paper!