Sunday, July 20, 2008

the dress

The Dress
July 2008

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Another Project Black entry. And a second image from my wedding shoot the other day. I have about 300 images to go through, but I'm trying not to spend too much time editting. The more I look at my pictures, the happier I am with them, although I would change things for the next time I do a photoshoot.

I think that even though this picture is all about the white, it's the black that really provides the definition. What do you think?


Anna said...

I like it. Simple and pretty. Did you get a full length? It looks gorgeous! Good talking to you today on the phone...let's do more of that!

Robert said...

I like how the lines in the door frame this. B&W is a good touch. When is it not, ya know? Did you get this shot full length also?. I'm thinking this, 3/4, and full length would make a nice series.

Anna said...

And one of the back.....the back of the dress always gets the raw end of the deal!!!

Robert said...

Anna beat me by seconds. I swear I didn't read hers first about going full length!

Carletta said...

I must be starting to think like Robert because I was thought the same - that the lines of the door made a frame. When you said the black made the definition I looked again at the image to search for the black because I was only seeing the dress!
Be back tomorrow for more :)

JC said...

Very good... but kinda lonely. The dress needs a body... and that's one of the things I really like about this shot... you can contemplate, if you didn't know better, what happened that left this on the door hook or what will happen that this will be the start of.

Very good!

Jeanne Damoff said...

I just scrolled through your final PB shots and like them all. Can't wait to see more from the wedding. I'm in wedding mode, too. Shot my niece's bridal portraits and two showers this past weekend, and will be doing her wedding August 9. I'll be posting some from the portrait session soon! :)