Tuesday, June 3, 2008

philadelphia panoramic

Philadelphia Panoramic
June 2008

My iTunes: Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Since I did a nightscape yesterday, I thought I would take advantage of the profusion of windows and post a panoramic today. This is not a large panoramic -- I typically use about 60 pictures for a full 360* view, but this only includes 15 pictures. It's hard to appreciate when it's so small, so I suggest clicking on it to see it in the widest possible form your browser screen will allow.

Tonight a bunch of us girls went up to the top floor a little before sunset. We found a piano (which was severely out of tune) and sang through the book for Phantom of the Opera. It was quite fun -- I fell in the love with the music years before I started taking voice lessons, and it's neat to see how I've progressed from hardly being able to hit the notes to being able to land all of them comfortably. All due to my amazing voice teacher (must give credit where it's due)!

And now I need to do a bit of research, read a few chapters of one of my books, send a few emails, study music theory, and get things together for tomorrow. (Thank goodness for the new blogger feature of scheduled postings -- It's only 9:55 as I write this, but I can set it to be tomorrow's post!)


LZ Blogger said...

I've got an old buddy who (like me) moved from So. Cal. only he went to live in Phiilly and just loves it there. Found the girl of his dreams and married her. Sweet story! ~ jb///

Robert said...

Research? Have to read a few chapters? Study? What kind of vacation is this? That should read: sleep in, eat, take pictures, repeat. Do whatever makes you happy as long as we keep getting photos! Nice job on this one. Hope you're having a great time, even with all the studying!

Anna said...

Ah University City... Penn has a really nice campus... at least what I've seen of it is nice.