Monday, June 16, 2008

at the corners

At the Corners
June 2008

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Another shot from Eastern State, and yet again this will have to be a short post -- I'm leaving to go to the American Philosophical Society to do research today and have to pick up breakfast on the way out.

Today's random factoid: the two youngest inmates of Eastern State Penitentiary were 12 years old, convicted of arson and second degree murder, respectively.

I'm glad everyone has been enjoying these pictures -- it's been fun working with them!


Robert said...

Wonderful attention to detail. The colors and texture here look incredible. And of course I love how you got in close.

12 year olds committing murder and arson? See why I don't teach middle school? Ha ha.

Enjoy your research. Better you than me. :)

June said...

More old, peeling stuff...I love it!

JC said...

Perfect composition... everything Robert said, and enlarged... wow, just beautiful!