Friday, June 20, 2008

SHEAR Mellon 2008

SHEAR Mellon 2008
June 2008

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Although the seminar is not officially over, it feels like we're all done. The last of the presentations were this morning, we have happy hour this evening, and brunch tomorrow to celebrate. We wanted to surprise the group leaders with a photo of all of the fellows. They're being printed as I type.

My presentation went amazingly well -- the professors kept coming up to me afterward and saying what a wonderful job I did presenting. The professor who is usually the most critical was the first to respond to my presentation and all he could do was suggest a secondary source and say how eloquently and articulately I spoke. The professor who I've most connected with (not my own, incidentally, which is sad because I can't bring her back with me) kept making eye contact with me and grinning ear to ear. Afterward she said she was just trying not to cry and how proud of me she was, and she felt like she had two students at the conference. And the best part -- I didn't prepare for the presentation at all. Some days I'm just lucky, I guess!

I've really enjoyed my time here -- having a chance to be in the archives and get to know other students and professors from across the country has been so rewarding. I really hope to keep in touch with them.

I'll see what I can do about recording tomorrow's performance and posting it somehow so people can hear it. I guess that means figuring out youtube...


JC said...

You put a smile on my face, too :-) Great job! I didn't have any doubt, though... hard work has its rewards! Congrats and best wishes :-)

Break A Leg... pretty interesting.

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Robert said...

Congratulations on a job well done! What a wonderful feeling to be done. It's so encouraging to have the approval of professors. You say you didn't prepare for the presentation. You may not have formally prepared a presentation format, you WERE otherwise prepared. All the work you poured into this was your presentation. It reminds me of the time I met Phil Keaggy (a Christian musician and among the greatest guitar players I've ever seen). I asked him how often he practices. He just laughed. When you put so much into something, it's no longer "practice." It becomes "doing" or "creating." All the work you poured into it was your "practice" and today, you just got to demonstrate what you've taken in. Geeesh, the comments aren't supposed to be longer than the original post! Sorry. :)

Anna said...

Yay! You're done that means you're coming to stay with me for a little while ;-)