Wednesday, June 25, 2008

happy 18th birthday

Happy 18th Birthday
June 2008

My iTunes: Vogue by Madonna

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Ross, Happy Birthday to you!"

Today is one of my "little" brother's birthdays -- Ross is 18 today. Neither of my brothers are "little" though -- they're both taller than me now (not a hard feat to accomplish). I told him he would be the star of my blog today. He (or at least his picnic party) might end up being the star for the week. I got a bunch of good shots.

While I'm wishing Happy Birthday's, it is also two of my really close friends' birthday as well -- Happy Birthday Ava and Happy Birthday Ellen! One is no longer a teenager and the other, well, let's just say a dyslexic person will not confuse her age for the next year... :)
In other news, I'm starting to look at graduate schools... it's rather overwhelming. I should get back to that.

p.s. Perhaps I should add a disclaimer about the music I'm listening to on iTunes -- it's from The Devil Wears Prada soundtrack. It's not the best chick-flick in the world, but I was in the mood to watch it today, then realized I had the soundtrack on my computer thanks to the public library. (I pay taxes, therefore I pay for the music, right?)


Anonymous said...

how nice of you to choose the most "flattering" picture

Britt said...

Hi... I've been visiting your blog (because you're on Anna Carson's sidebar) and I'd like to say that your photographs are lovely! I was hoping it would be alright if I added your blog to my sidebar also?

Lacey Lichi said...

Nice shot lady! I haven't been here, or on my blog, AT all this last week. I just picked up an evening job to help cover our upcoming move and I just haven't had a lot of extra "me" time. Thank you for the very sweet plug to my site. It made me realize, all over again, how nice it is to have friends in blog land. So, thanks. I am constantly amazed at your pictures. You have "the eye". Not many do, and a lot have to work very hard at it. You don't seem to have the time to work really hard at it. So, I am assuming that, like a lot of your other talents, you are naturally gifted. Thank you for letting us in on that vision. I will be checking in whenever I'm on.

Robert said...

Great capture here Christy. You indeed made him a star. I love the straight on angle. So often this shot is taken from above. It's a nice change.

Anna said...

Good point about the music and paying taxes... now I won't feel guilty about those CDs in my itunes. Not that i really did before but anyway...

christy said...

Well, "anonymous" (a.k.a. Ross, the birthday-boy), I certainly didn't pick the LEAST flattering picture -- you KNOW which one that was! :)

Carletta said...

I loved the photo Ross!
Hope he sees this Christy. I do think it was a great shot.

I agree with Lacey - I think when it comes to photography you have a gift most of us struggle to achieve.

Thanks for visiting me today.