Tuesday, June 17, 2008

through the windows

Through the Windows
June 2008

My iTunes: Nessun Dorma by Paul Potts

Quick post -- I got back my first prospectus draft with four versions of comments last night and have to finish editing it before my meeting later this morning. I was up working on it until almost 2:00 this morning, then up at 6:30 to continue... I needed a break so I thought I'd post this. But now, back to work.

Tidbit of the day: the Eastern State Penitentiary is being structurally stabilized so that it will remain in its decayed state for the public to see a a National Historic Landmark. It was the first penitentiary of its kind.


Robert said...

What keeps you going? If it's legal (ha ha) you need to share your secret.

Take previous comments on your pictures I've said, rewind, press play. I love the colors, texture, and that you got up close. Maybe I'll hit the thesaurus next time and find new ways of saying the same thing! Great series so far.

JC said...

Excellent... especially how you framed it through to the window on the other side.

I notice they are open a tad... that would be a clue that it isn't business as usual at the penitentiary :-D

Lacey Lichi said...

Wow. Your shots are stunning. Frame them, and hang them. Yes, all of them. Gorgeous. I've missed this eye candy! I was right, it is a sort of solitude for my soul! Thanks.