Tuesday, June 24, 2008

old window

Old Window
June 2008

My iTunes: Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

I'm trying to sort through pictures from Italy tonight, so it's going to be yet another short post. Tomorrow is my "little" brother's 18th birthday and I'm taking him out for breakfast, so I'll be up early...


Robert said...

You are finding the beauty in things that would normally be considered otherwise. A broken window in need of a paint job proves my point. :)

Enjoy your breakfast and Happy Birthday to the kid!

Robert said...

You're looking through pictures from your SECOND trip to Italy? Second??? I'm so jealous. I'd easily trade one of my five Hawaii trips for one Italy trip. I often joke with Julianne that I want to adopt our next child from Italy just so we can go there. Or, if we get another Chinese daughter, maybe they could send her to Italy so we could get her there instead of China. Do you think they'd go for that?

Anna said...

I personally love short and sweet. Nice shot.