Thursday, June 5, 2008

in the stacks

In the Stacks
June 2008

My iTunes: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall

One good red shot deserves another. I spent most of today in the stacks researching. My favorite find today was a playbill from the Academy of Music's production of Don Giovanni on April 13, 1857. I got to take research pictures, but had to sign something saying I won't publish them on the web (or anywhere else). Another interesting thing I found was a broadside from the Arch Street Theatre in the 1850's -- in the list of prices, it had a separate (more expensive) price for "coloured people." They had to pay 12 1/2 cents extra for the equivalent seats a white patron would use. While that seems a little ridiculous, it shows that members from different strata of the black community in Philadelphia not only attended theatrical productions but could afford to pay to go. I wonder what I'll find tomorrow...

I need to set up a research plan for myself, so I'm going to cut the post short.


Anna said...

I love that color. Great shot!

Robert said...

Ok, so this isn't a vacation is it? It's some kind of field trip. A summer course doing field work. I just can't believe someone would voluntarily work as hard as you're working just for fun!

I like your picture here. As you've seen, I've been playing around a lot with depth of field. So I like how you kept everything sharp from the foreground all the way through the distance.

BTW, I got the Old Bay from Anna. I see from their website they have steamed crab recipes. Perhaps I'll give that a go. I'm so anxious to try it now. :)

Moi said...

love, love, love the has all the elements I love: books.....old books actually and that classic red :)