Wednesday, June 18, 2008

door at the wall

Door at the Wall
June 2008

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Several of my faithful readers (whom I very much appreciate -- every day I look forward to reading your comments!) have mentioned how much they've enjoyed this little series I've been doing of images from Eastern State Penitentiary. I must say, I do agree -- they've been some really fun images to work with.

Something that made me laugh really hard yesterday: read Robert's comment! Maybe it's because I've been so tired these past few days that everything seems inordinately funnier. Check out his blog as well -- I love it when he posts pictures of his daughter, Lily! And I'm thoroughly enjoying the music now as well -- it is keeping me awake as I edit my prospectus (hopefully for a final time).

I'm coming down the home stretch with my research. Tomorrow is the last full day in the archives, and then Thursday and Friday mornings we will present our prospectuses before a panel of 12 professors from across the country, 2 PhD candidates, and the other 9 undergraduate fellows. It sounds quite intimidating, but right now I think I'm too sleepy to care...

OH, but today's most exciting new: Lacey Lichi (I have a link to her blog under "my favorite photographers") has finished her photography website, which we have all been greatly anticipating! Check it out, and tell her what you think!


Robert said...

I'm glad I could make you laugh. But I'm not convinced it's me causing it rather than you just being giddy from lack of sleep for weeks on end. Thanks for the plug on my blog. Seeing as you love Lily pics, you won't be disappointed with what I just posted. And I'm glad you're liking the music. :)

Not because you just said all those nice things, but I'm loving this series of pictures. This one has so much going on. Like the others, color and texture are among the first to hit me. I've really studied it to see what is going on. The door looks shiny; as if it were wet. I'm not sure if I should really dissect it here but it appears you isolated the green (on the left and in the window) and applied texture just to those sections. If I'm right, wow, that looks like a LOT of work. And you did it well. If it was naturally occurring and not an edit job, kindly disregard!

My prayers will be with you as you prepare for your presentation which does sound awfully intimidating to those of us who get fairly regular sleep. :)

June said...

Yes, these have been great pictures. And besides the shots themselves, I've found the subject interesting because I used to work in a jail...though it never looked like this! :-)

JC said...

First, good luck with your presentation... I'm sure you'll do great.

Next, love the shot. Peeling paint and rust are things we all can relate to, if not admire. Hope you have more to share :-)

Anna said...

These are wonderful. I am really enjoying all of these Christy. Great job!

I will be thinking of you!

b13 said...

I used to love finding these types of places to photograph (but it was usually tresspassing) and I haven't done so in some time. Maybe I'll need to dig out my "ninja suit" ;)