Friday, June 27, 2008

18 candles

18 Candles
June 2008

My iTunes: Ninety-Nine Red Balloons by Countdown

These were what was left from the conflagration that was my brother's birthday cake (the cake itself, cherry chocolate with chocolate icing, is long gone!). But despite the challenge presented before him, he had no trouble blowing them all out in one breath. (If you see the picture I posted on his birthday, you can see why!) We'll see if he gets his wish!

I spent most of yesterday researching, but not the type of researching I've been doing for the past few weeks. Yesterday I was researching graduate schools. Because I disliked the search for colleges so much, I've not been looking forward to beginning this search. But my experience in Philadelphia inspired me to begin. That, and the fact that deadlines will be coming all too soon. My first discovery was that there are a LOT of graduate schools. I can start the work of narrowing them down, but I look forward to having my voice teacher's input. The two that have caught my eye so far were James Madison University and University of Maryland. We'll see what the next few months will bring.

And thanks for all the kind comments about switching my blog header from "Through the Amateur's Lens" to "Christy Thomas Photography"! I still feel like an amateur, but many people have commented to the contrary.


Robert said...

I don't envy your new research. I don't think I ever envy research projects! My grad school choice was a no brainer. My school district created cohort groups with a local university for the Administrative Credential/Master's Degree. We got to meet in local schools instead of the university which made it convenient. And everyone in the program were my fellow teachers. We really carried each other through the two year program. I hope you enjoy the search.

This picture is fun. I love how distorted the angle is. And the color is great. Nice work from the former amateur!

As requested, my email address is:

Robert said...

I would have emailed you directly but I can't see your email address anywhere on your blog. Did I miss it?

b13 said...

Great angle! Really creates a striking image.

Hannah said...

this is such a cool picture! I don't comment very often, but I follow your blog and I've been loving the pictures!

Britt said...

We do both like Jesus! And you can add me on facebook any time!
I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of this picture. Its been a month since my birthday, and I must say that I did not get all 20 candles. Nope. Only 5. It was very sad.
I hope your research goes smoothly and God leads you to your next destination with ease!

Carletta said...

Hi Christy,
This photo is taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary!
You definitely are not an amateur.
Embrace your talent because you certainly have it.
I know James Madison. Both my kids did summer music workshops there - violin.
Lots of wishes for a successful search that leads you where you're intended to be.