Friday, September 19, 2008

the candle

The Candle
September 2008

My iTunes: Tu Es Ma Came by Carla Bruni

I feel proud of everything I accomplished today. I started with a to-do list that literally reached from my elbow down the length of my arm. Now the list fits within the length of my hand. Hopefully I'll finish the rest of it tomorrow.

Here's some of what I did today:

Bought the rest of the frames for the photographs I'll be displaying and selling at the local coffee shop; mailed off a list of my expenditures to be reimbursed for my most recent trip to Philadelphia; mailed a package; set up three more students; set up a time for a photoshoot; wrote a paper; set up my senior recital; picked up four books at the library; ordered refills for my allergy medicines; replaced my broken sunglasses; bought a few dress shirts since none of the ones I wore before back surgery fit anymore; got my hair trimmed; took three girls out for coffee; wrote out the IPA for my new German songs; read four articles for a reading assignment; made and ate dinner.

And now I'm going to order the prints for the coffee shop -- I'll have them as my post for tomorrow!

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