Thursday, September 4, 2008

sienna, italy

Sienna, Italy
August 2008

My iTunes: Romeo Et Juliette by Gounod

I guess it's time for a quick update, this time with a picture. The computer is back and running like it was before... whatever that means. The data recovery guy wasn't able to get any of my research or my 50-page paper off of it, so I'm actually sitting in a Cosi in Philadelphia right now after two days of hard core research. It's one of my favorite chain restaurants of its kind, and we don't have any near where I live, so I'm enjoying the chance to eat here.

Yesterday I spent 11.5 hours in the archives with one bathroom break (yes, I counted) and only stopping otherwise to go outside to inhale a granola bar while waiting for the next of my research items to arrive. Thank goodness today was shorter -- the archives were only open for 8.5 hours. You know you're hard core when you get there before half of the librarians and have to wait outside until they open, and then the head librarian offers to stay late so you can finish up. In the past two days, I think I've covered what nearly took me two weeks to do in June (only this time instead of having searchable, transcribed versions typed up, I just have pictures of everything, which means I've taken thousands of pictures, but none that I'm allowed to share). It might actually be possible to look at everything in three days that I looked at in three weeks.

So that's the latest on the computer and research. As for photography -- a big thanks to everyone for their encouragement and support for my show! I've gotten to edit a few shots so I can pick which ones to sell at the local coffee shop. I've made a Flickr set -- check it out and comment on which ones you like best. This is one of my personal favorites.

I'm not relishing time spent with my computer at the moment, and I still have a ton of work to do so I can make the most of my last 8.5 hours in the archives tomorrow, so I'm going to end this here.



Jeanne Damoff said...

That's a gorgeous shot, Christy!

May the Lord continue to give you strength and focus (obviously He's already given you a bunch!) to complete these tasks to your full satisfaction.

Britt said...

I love this shot!
You are one hard-core researcher! Go girl!