Thursday, September 11, 2008

old e city

Old E City
September 2008

My iTunes: Die Mainacht by Brahms, sung by Bernarda Fink

I have a feeling that my posting might be more sporadic for the next few months than I'd like it to be. With taking 10 classes, working, helping out with IV, working with the Baltimore Opera Company, applying to and visiting graduate schools, preparing for auditions, and trying to make time to eat at sleep, I have to be really disciplined with my time. I'll try my best to keep up with this, though, especially as I start off with my fledgling photography business.

The latest photography news is that I'll be showing some of my photography at a local Jazz and Art show tomorrow night. Should be fun. I picked up prints this evening, but one turned out really dark, so I might have to reprint it tomorrow.

Anyway, I was up way too late last night (1:45) because an old friend was in town, so I'm going to hit the sack A.S.A.P.!


Robert said...

As if you weren't busy before! Well it's completely understandable that you're not here so much. It's seeming like I picked the worst possible time to host a photo project. Very exciting news about the Jazz and Art show. Can't wait to hear how it went.

LZ Blogger said...

Christy ~ What a picturesque shot! Very tranquil looking! THX! ~ jb///