Friday, September 26, 2008

shoemaker country

Shoemaker Country
September 2008

My iTunes: Notre grand amour est mort by Carla Bruni

I seem to have missed a few days -- it's been a busy week. I have an unexpected three-day weekend, though, because somehow I ended up with no students today. I'm determined to be very productive, to catch up on sleep, and to spend some quality time in the practice rooms. I figured right now I would multi-task and eat breakfast while posting since I've missed the past few days.

Rehearsals for the opera have started -- it's so wonderful to be back. The only thing that could have kept me out of the last show was having back surgery. I've also finally started to set up visits to graduate schools... which means road trips and (hopefully) pictures! The first trip will be in a couple weeks, so I'll keep you posted.

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Anna said...

Love this!!!! And the post below!