Monday, September 15, 2008


September 2008

My iTunes: Péché d'envie by Carla Bruni

Sadly it seems that I missed the last day of Robert's "Show Me..." Project, which would have meant I could have shown a feet pictures! Perhaps I'll put up a delayed post later this week. But today I thought I'd do this shot.

The beginning of my week always seems busier than the rest of it. Today I have class straight from 11:00-4:00, and tomorrow off-and-on from 11:00-9:00. Thank goodness I love all my classes. I'm especially looking forward to my voice lesson this afternoon because I tried some different things as I practiced this past week and I think I made some good progress. We'll see what my teacher says.

I went back to the gym this morning for the first time since my stairs accident last Tuesday. I did a lighter work out than usual to get back into the routine. I'm still black and blue, but thankfully the swelling is gone. Several of you have commented and asked about how I'm doing -- thanks for your concern!

Tomorrow there might be a pink-themed picture, so stay tuned...


Anna said...

Oh dear... Pink... Pink... Pink and more pink! There was too much for my liking in that cart yesterday.

Robert said...

I purposely didn't have rigid rules which means if you post something for the project there's no penalty! I'm glad to hear you're doing better. I like today's image.

Alicia said...

I really like all your images, you have a good eye for photography

disa said...