Monday, September 22, 2008

unconventional post

Unconventional Post
September 2008

My iTunes: Ta Tienne by Carla Bruni

This is a bit of an unconventional picture for tonight's post, but there is still a photographic component, and the file is still a JPG, so I figured I could share it. (That, and I'm too tired to come up with something else at the moment...)

This is the photographer bio that I put together for the coffee shop while my pictures are displayed. I thought some of you might enjoy looking at it. I was pretty impressed with my graphic design abilities, having never taken a graphic design course.

But now, back to paper writing and more homework, and hopefully bed sometime before midnight.


Robert said...

So now you can add "accomplished graphic design artist" to your impressive resume. It came out great. Maybe the prints you sell will get you that new computer you've been wanting. :)

LZ Blogger said...

No need to apologize... I actually think it is very well done! ~ jb///