Friday, May 23, 2008


May 2008

My iTunes: Say So by Free Chapel

I'm back from my week away, and guess what: I didn't take a single picture! I'm slightly disappointed, but things just didn't work out. First, there was the problem with the weather -- while I had gorgeous weather driving up and back, the whole week was cold and rainy. I could have dealt with cold, but my camera really isn't a fan of being rained on. Then there was the schedule. While my time away was relaxing, I spent nearly eight hours a day manuscripting passages in Genesis. Not exactly conducive to photography, but all the talk about the beauty of creation made me want to go out and see it through the lens! Hopefully the weather will begin to cooperate soon and I'll be able to go out, camera in hand.

And hopefully this week won't be so full that I won't have time to take pictures. I leave next Sunday to spend three weeks in Philadelphia doing an undergraduate research fellowship, and I have a lot to do to get ready: unpacking from this past week, organizing everything from moving out last week, packing for the three weeks in Philly (I am determined to get some good photo sessions in while I'm there!), finishing all the required reading, starting to look through preliminary research (aka more reading), hopefully getting some graduate school research started, and catching up with a few friends. And of course physical therapy and a voice lesson! If I'm lucky, a little sleep would be nice as well. I hope that one day my life will not go at such a break-neck speed. Or maybe I should say back-breaking? = )

Just as a quick update, my back is doing well. I've started physical therapy, which feels great -- I can finally move again! I'm only supposed to sit for 30 minutes at a time, but that's more than I was sitting for the past two months or so. Apparently my back is rejecting the stitches, though, and one or two have already come out. I'd post a picture because I think it's fascinating (and since I can't twist around, the only way I can really see my back is if I take a picture of it), but I don't want to offend the squeamish...

Also, the grades for the semester were just posted today -- I made it through with flying colors. I'm quite pleased with how I did, especially given all the health issues I struggled with!

Finally, I heard back about the audition -- they don't have any spots open for sopranos for the next season. I'm fine with that and wasn't expecting to get anything anyway; I'm just thankful for the audition experience and I really look forward to trying again! I still plan to be in the two operas in the fall, though -- it will just be as a supernumerary again rather than as a chorister (which will probably fit better with my schedule anyway).


Anna said...

I am so glad you are back and I love this image!

Take it from me, sometimes you need to be in the moment...not always photographing can enjoy it that way as well!


Robert said...

Welcome back! Even on vacation you sound busy. Not a single picture, huh? Well I understand. Not happy about it, but I understand. Ha ha. I hope you talk more about this work you did with Genesis. It sounds intriguing. It's good to hear all of your updates. Congrats on the grades. Well done! Glad to have you back and am looking forward to pictures as you're able.

JC said...

I thought you were out for some R&R... your schedule makes me dizzy :-)

Congrats on your well deserved good grades, and best wishes for continued progress on your health issues... one step at a time, if need be.

Lacey Lichi said...

Awww. . . it's nice to have you back! I too look forward to more on your study of Genesis! Sounds like time well spent. Congrats on your grades, I can't say I'm too surprised. I think that you most likely excel in whatever you do if I'm reading you right. Looking forward to more pictures!

Moi said...

it's hard to imagine (for some of us) top be on a vacation and not take a single pic.......:) but as Anna said, sometimes that's the way to be on a vacation ..I do that often when I go back home (India). I just "live" those days.....vs. "recording" them :)
Congrats on the grades and every single achievement of yours.

take care of your back :)