Tuesday, May 27, 2008

sycamore tree

Sycamore Tree
May 2008

My iTunes: Add to the Beauty by Sara Groves

I think I'll take a break from pictures of crabs (although once I can get my hands on the recipe, I will gladly share it, per Robert's request). After taking pictures of the crabs before eating them, I went outside and took some pictures of the sycamore tree. I love the bark of these trees -- great texture and monochromatic variations.

I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie this afternoon as a treat for Memorial Day. It was better than I had expected -- I won't ruin the plot line for anyone, but the one brief scene near the end made me roll my eyes. I half expected a booming voice to say, "And this, children, is how Indiana Jones obtained the Millennium Falcon and became Han Solo." But overall, better than I expected. The originals are still better, though.

And now, off to do my physical therapy exercises before bed...


Robert said...

It's a lovely picture. I also love the bark. And the blurred green. Simple but pleasing. I'm going to hold you to that recipe when you find it! I'm anxious to try it. I just heard my Old Bay is on it's way! The Indiana Jones movie is on our list. We probably won't fit it in for another 2 more weekends. We did get to see Prince Caspian yesterday though. We liked it. I think we liked the first one better though. I'd have to see it again to be certain.

In case you didn't go back, I answered your question about "Ventura" in my comments.

JC said...

This is so simple yet so appealing... really good shot!