Saturday, May 3, 2008


May 2008

My iTunes: Prendero Quel Brunettino from Mozart's Cosi fan tutte

This is another shot from our photoshoot the other day. My friend calls this one "Fierce!" It makes me laugh -- I feel like such a model! I think I'll post another image or two from the shoot and then move on to other things.

I have exciting photography news, though! A childhood friend of mine whom I've recently gotten back in touch with is getting married in July and asked if I could do her wedding photos! I'm quite flattered! I don't think it would be paid, but I'd be getting my foot in the door and would have something to show others in the future who are in the market for wedding photographers! It's times like these where I really wish I had a digital SLR... Perhaps one day my photography will be able to finance such a purchase (wishful thinking).

Unfortunately, this is not one of the songs I am singing, but I've had it stuck in my head for days. I have a funny habit of learning other people's songs from the opera workshop class, and this is one of them. I think it's quite pretty. And I ordered a DVD of the opera, starring Cecilia Bartoli, and it just came today. If I can manage to get the rest of my to do list done, perhaps I'll watch it this evening...

I came close to finishing yesterday's to do list. I wrote three of the five music response papers (I miscounted -- I had five, not four to write), wrote the outline for the music history paper, nearly finished the Don Giovanni paper, sent most of the emails that I needed to, had a conference with a professor, and even managed to rehearse for juries, the solo recital, the performance tomorrow night, and auditions! I had a tech rehearsal this morning and a performance to go to tonight, and in the meantime I'll try to write the other two music response papers, finish putting together my resume so I can have my teacher look over it, and write the paper on Paradise of the Blind.

Anyway, I'm off to conquer more of my list then...


Startzell said...

I have a digital SLR you can borrow for special occasions like weddings. You might want to practice with it first though.

Robert said...

I keep reading your to do list. I don't know how you do it. You don't sound stressed in the least. And you just had surgery! So as I look at these pictures I figure it must be really good hairspray or a wig, cause anyone else would have all their hairs standing on end or have pulled it all out by now.

VERY exciting about the wedding opportunity. Maybe, just maybe you could suggest that your "payment" be a DSLR??? Paid in advance of course.

I know someone at my church that does the occasional wedding photography job. Maybe I could be a second on one of his jobs just for the experience. You got me thinking.