Wednesday, May 14, 2008

look for joy

Look for Joy
May 2008

My iTunes: Steal Me, Sweet Thief by Gian Carlo Menotti

Today is a long day, and I'm reminding myself to look for joy in the midst of how busy I am. I had my piano final and my voice jury this morning, several meetings this afternoon, read a book that one of my exams tomorrow will be based on, officially declared my third major, signed up to take a voice lesson for credit, and moved half my stuff out of my house.

Tomorrow, I have to pack the rest, study for my last two exams tomorrow, finish writing the massive paper, go to physical therapy for my back, and drop of transcripts. BUT as a reward for finishing all of that (and the semester), I am going to see Elektra at the Washington National Opera tomorrow night! My voice teacher had two tickets, so I'm bringing my friend Catherine. I'm very excited, but am losing my motivation to do work... I'm going out for coffee tonight and will be talking with my future land-lord/friend about logistics of moving in and such. Hopefully the caffeine will help.


Lacey Lichi said...

Your words are always so refreshing, thank you. You are an angel in disguise. You have just the right words for my mood. Have I told you that your schedule wears me out?! SO BUSY! I remember days like those! Now I know a different kind of busy. Beautiful shot. Your pictures are like greeting cards- in a good way!

Anna said...

Your busy schedule will slow down soon... so I guess I could say you should enjoy the busy-ness while it lasts HA!

This picture's from Bath right?

Anna said...

Hey girl!

It was so great to click through your blogs since I have been away! Great shots Christy!

It is good to be home and I am glad to see that you are well. Find rest and take it when you can!