Thursday, May 1, 2008

audition photoshoot

Audition Photoshoot
May 2008

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Well, I didn't exactly take this image (it'd be a bit tricky to do a whole photoshoot of self portraits), but seeing as I did all the editing and that it's an image of me, I thought it would work for today's post.

For my audition, I have to submit at black and white 8x10 portrait of myself, so I asked my friend to help me. I must say, I am quite pleased with the images and quite jealous of her camera. I think this is the photo I will be using, but it was a close call between three different ones. We took a bunch of shots, not just ones that would work for the audition, and some of them look like CD covers! I told her if I make it big and become a famous opera star, she can be my personal photographer! (Fat chance of that happening, though...)

As the next two weeks or so get busy, I may or may not have time to go out and shoot any images (even if I am allowed to sit and bend), so I think I'll be posting a few more from the photoshoot in the coming days. I'd love to get your feedback on them!


Anna said...

Love the shot! It is beautiful! Kudos to the photographer!

Robert said...

Great shot. And great editing on your part. I love the b@w. It looks like you had fun during the shoot. I look forward to more from the series.

I've had thoughts of doing such photo sessions. Living so close to Hollywood, there are so many that want/need headshots. I've never even attempted it and really know nothing about the business but would really love to explore it.

Regarding your comment Xixi: How exciting! That's great that you'll be there as part of the experience for #2. We are beginning to talk about #2 as well. The whole process really deepens our understand of us being adopted into God's family.

Thanks for you kind words about Lily. :)