Tuesday, May 13, 2008

be cheerful

Be Cheerful
May 2008

My iTunes: Welcome to the 60's from Hairspray: Original Broadway Cast

Today was a good day. I woke up to find some encouraging posts on my last blog post: I am now one of Lacey Lichi's "photography blogger buddies" (her pictures of people, especially children, are some of the best I've ever seen!) and Robert mentioned me as one of his favorite blog sites (his macro shots are stunning, and I love seeing pictures of his beautiful daughter, Lily). It made up for having to take an exam today, which ended up being much easier than I had anticipated (which is good because I couldn't actually motivate myself to study very much).

I started packing today. I probably should have started sooner considering I have to be completely out of the house by 1:30 on Friday, but with my back issues I needed to wait until friends could come help me. The most difficult part is deciding what goes into storage for 2 months and what goes with me for the next two months.

Tomorrow I have my voice jury. Most music students hate them, but I really look forward to them and am sad when they're done. I get to perform three pieces before a panel of professors, including my own voice teacher, and will be accompanied by a professional pianist. During my voice lessons, my teacher accompanies me, and I look forward to juries when she can watch me perform and not have to look at music. I really look forward to seeing how much I've progressed between each jury. Last time I made quite the jump, but I'm not sure how I'll do this time given that I was hardly able to sing for almost 3 months because of my back issues. I'll be quite sad when my juries are over. Because I will be out of town for four of the next six weeks and my teacher will be on a cruise the following two weeks, I may only have one voice lesson between now and mid-July :( I think I may go into withdraw...


Robert said...

Another beautiful picture. Your caption is perfect. It reminds me of the line in You've Got Mail (one of Julianne's FAVORITE movies) that Meg Ryan says, "Don't you think that daisies are the friendliest flower?" It's refreshing to read how positive and cheerful you are with all that is going on with you. Best wishes on your voice jury. And then you're moving? Geeesh!

Thanks for your kind words once again.

Anna said...

This picture made me smile :-) Remember last year how you went months with out voice lessons? And I had to hear about Kyle constantly, and you asked me if I thought Kyrti-bin would mind you singing opera in her house???? I think you'll make it through six weeks. PLUS During that time you get to see me!

LZ Blogger said...

Nice Daisy shot! I am assuming that is YOUR shot?! ~ jb///

Lacey Lichi said...

Gorgeous. As always. I am glad, and flattered, that you were excited to be one of my buddies! Your pictures are stunning. I have much to learn when it comes to pictures of nature. You are amazing.