Monday, May 26, 2008

crabs and old bay

Crabs and Old Bay
May 2008

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As I had suspected, some of my readers who are not from the Baltimore area were not familiar with Old Bay. Sadly, I have found that it is not well known outside this general area. It's a glorious spice for seafood, and even has its own website. I have a hard time believing people from Baltimore who say that they don't like Old Bay. I feel like it's some one from the earth saying that they don't like oxygen. Practically blasphemous = )

So, I had to post another shot of crabs and Old Bay. This is from before we cooked them, which is why they are blue rather than red. My great-aunt has the perfect recipe for steaming crabs, of which Old Bay is an absolutely necessary ingredient.


Anna said...

Amen sister! Loving the Old Bay! I told Robert I would send him some to try! Hopefully he will take me up on it!

Great image...I am starving now! Thanks!

BTW, do call e when you get married! I would be honored! ;) I am glad you liked the pics!

Anna said...

*call me*

Lacey Lichi said...

Again, complete ignorance. I didn't know crabs were blue. I feel so betrayed! How could I go through so much life without knowing about these things?! Great pics.

Robert said...

Hi Christy,
I'm taking Anna up on her gracious offer. All this talk about it has me in such anticipation. Any chance you would want to share that recipe of your great aunt? As long as it's not a family secret that would get you in big trouble with family, I'd love it. I want mine to look just like your picture here!

Anna said...

I am pretty sure once it crosses state lines it becomes the recipe of whoever has it! ;) At least, that is what I do!