Saturday, May 2, 2009

photoshoot: A

This is one of my favorite shots from the most recent senior shoot I did. A and I have known each other since second grade, although we lost touch between elementary school and college. It's funny that we both ended up at the same small liberal arts college. I don't get to see her terribly often because we spend time in different parts of campus -- she's a science major looking at a career in medicine, and I've set foot in the science building twice in my college career. (I took my science courses at a community college during semester breaks, otherwise I would've had classes in there.) She has an interest in photography and was really excited to learn about it, so it was fun to talk about what I was doing during the shoot and then explain some of the editing process. I can't give away all my secrets, though...

Today I'm shooting my friend's daughter, XiXi's, 5-year-old birthday party. I've posted pictures of XiXi before, and it should be fun to do some shooting today.

I also donated a 30-minute shoot to a silent auction recently, so I should have another shoot coming up within the next two weeks, and a few other people have mentioned that they'd be interested. We'll see how it all pans out!

And if I can figure out how to get the pictures off my camera phone and onto my computer, I have some adorable (but very poor quality -- nowhere near the shots my Nikon turns out...) shots of me and my favorite three-year-old...
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