Saturday, April 19, 2008

saturday necessity

Saturday Necessity
April 2008

My iTunes: Non So Piu Cosa Son, Cosa Faccio from Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro

Well, I made it to the wedding, and I guess you could say I made it through the wedding. I tried to sit down for the ceremony (the only place to lie down on the floor and still see things is in the aisle, and I wasn't going to do that), but the rest of the evening was spent lying on the floor in the back corner.

My friends were great -- they kept bringing me food and coming over to sit with me. They insisted on dancing a slow song with me, so I stood on the dance floor and they danced with and around me. It was really fun and I'm glad I could say that I danced at my friend's wedding. We we able to get pictures with the lovely bride, too.

A few of the guests kept coming over to chat and to check on me as well, and one of the servers was really sweet -- she even gave me a hug when I was hobbling out.

For those of you who know me and how obsessively I'm attached to my camera, this will say a lot: the pain was too bad to take a single picture. And the sad part is I could have gotten some really unique shots -- it's not too typical to have wedding shots taken by someone lying flat on the floor! Oh well, perhaps I can snag a shot from a friend and post it another time.

I thought this opera would be fun to listen to after the wedding last night -- the English translation of the title is The Marriage of Figaro. This is one of my favorite songs, sung by the mezzo-soprano pants role, Cherubino, about his undying love for love, which he will proclaim to all the world, and if none will listen, he'll tell himself.

But anyway, after getting back from the wedding last night with a splitting migraine from the lights (they're not designed to be starred at from below), I decided to let myself "sleep in," which means try to go back to sleep every time I wake up with pain. I'm still in bed at the moment, and I'm thinking this old image is exactly what I need right now -- coffee is a Saturday necessity!

4 days until surgery.


Carletta said...

Hey Christy -
Just wanted to say hi and see how the wedding went.
Those shots from the floor would have been worth seeing!
Continue to rest.
Love the Starbucks shot!

Robert said...

Ya, a Saturday necessity. And Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday....