Tuesday, April 29, 2008

cascading flowers

Cascading Flowers
April 2008

My iTunes: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun by Debussy

I suppose even though Project Green is over and done with, it doesn't hurt to have some green in this next image. I didn't want to use it for Project Green because it's not all about the color green. But now I can use it!

I like how the flowers fall gracefully out of the flower-box, almost cascading down the side. I think the purple and green look nice together, and I like the duality between the background and foreground -- the background is brown and flat and the interest lies mostly in its texture, but the flowers are delicate and three-dimensional, and the reason your eye sees them is their color.

I think this music is quite fitting for the image -- very relaxed. I recommend Debussy to anyone interested in piano music.

Now that I've surfaced for a post, I must return to the dungeon of the to-do-list... let me just say it's rather challenging playing catch up when you've been functioning at half-speed or less, were out for a week, and not are still not fully back to your usual self.


Anna said...

This is superb composition! :) Me likey!

JC said...

Yes, beautiful and perfectly framed!

Robert said...

I actually did some shooting of morning glories when I got home from work. This image you chose to share is a visual pleasure. I too love how they drape across the frame. The dark background brings out the hues in the flowers. I'm so enjoying your pictures!

And I have to say, I'm humbly honored to be listed as one of your "favorite photographers." It's a double honor. First, to be called a favorite. Wow. I'm touched that you feel that way. Second, to be called a photographer. So often, when asked, I say I'm an elementary school teacher and never think of my hobby as how I describe myself. But it is where my heart lies. So thank you, for both.