Tuesday, April 15, 2008


April 2008

My iTunes: Vedrai, Carino from Mozart's Don Giovanni

Well, I believe today will be the last installment of Project: Yellow. Thanks, Anna, for starting the trend and to everyone else for following on and being a great little community of post-ers and comment-ers! Check out some of Anna's pictures, and she has a collection of links to the nearly 70 people who have joined in on this project!

I thought I would close with a timeless shot -- marbles. I played lots of different games with marbles as a child, and my grandmothers and great-grandmother used to tell stories about how they used to play with marbles when they were little. Marbles just don't seem to change, and they come in all different colors -- including yellow!

This song is one of the first arias I ever sung. It's quite fun and very catchy. I find myself singing it randomly while doing the dishes or folding laundry or typing up a blog post... I need to start getting into high gear to get ready for my audition. I have to work on my Italian diction, my sight singing (that's going to need a lot of work...), and my audition pieces: Black Swan from Gian Carlo Menotti's The Medium and In Uomini, In Soldati from Mozart's Cosi fan Tutte. Wish me luck as I practice and prepare for 10 May!


8 days until surgery


Carletta said...

This is a marvelous pic! So orginial!
I have enjoyed visiting you so very much. Your photography talent is to be admired. I wish you much luck on your audition!
Project Yellow is over, but I'll be back.

Moi said...

beautiful shot. it is timeless, Christy. i just had a look at your other contributions too since i was here the last time. i enjoyed them all. NYC taxi is a great shot too. good luck for 10th of May :)

Robert said...

In addition to enjoying your photographs, I love the connections you make with them. Sometimes photos speak volumes without words, but so often, I love the words that go along with them. Thanks for sharing this.

I put up another PY post tonight as well.

worldwide1 said...

marbles,they sure bring back childhood memories.
nice composition as well.

Amy said...

I have enjoyed all of your photos Christy but this is by far my favorite! Awesome!

Toni said...

I'm so attracted to shots such as this - keep it up!!