Friday, October 26, 2007

old fashioned lights

Old Fashioned Lights
October 2007

My iTunes: Don Giovanni by Mozart

As you have probably guessed if you've spent any time reading this blog, I really enjoy shows. I like the whole feel of them, especially the old-time theaters. They just seem classy, and not so trashy as newer places. I liked these old lights, which were on the outside of the theater where I saw Hairspray this weekend. Last night, the Washington National Opera opened Don Giovanni. It is my goal to go to an opera there sometime in the next year. My voice teacher is in the production this year, so I thought of her last night as they were performing, so now I'm looking at my pictures of theaters and listening to my recording of Don Giovanni. Perhaps I'll get to see it one day. And really, any chance I have to see my teacher perform, I will take if at all possible! She is completely amazing and has such a beautiful voice. She is very gifted, and I am very blessed to have her!

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