Tuesday, October 2, 2007

the friendly car

The Friendly Car
October 2007

My iTunes: Mi Chiamano Mimi by Eva Marton

This is one of the shots that I will be handing in on Thursday. It's been really fun to see what I can do to the pictures on the computer once I've taken them. I actually added the sky, then used a retroactive filter, made the shot black and white, and then hand-colored portions of it. It's pretty crazy what Photoshop and a little imagination can do!


Lizzy said...

Nice! I clicked on the picture, making it big and I got to see a reflection of Christy! :o)

susheel said...

I could see it too...:-)

Been reading your blog on a daily basis..I think it's nice and makes you want to come back again tomorrow (That's something gr8)..Keep up the good work...You got a lot of fans :-)