Friday, January 18, 2008

snowy day

Snowy Day
January 2008

My iTunes: All the Heavens by Hillsong

Yesterday was a snow day here in Baltimore. The roads were so bad that I cancelled work and kept inside. I did manage to venture out with my camera, however, and get some fun shots. I like the way trees look after (or even during) a snow storm. They get this sort of "frosted" look to them that reminds me of Christmas.

Something else I did yesterday was reformat my blog (did you notice?). Leave it to me to have a free afternoon and fill it with something completely unproductive when I have a list of things to do. Oh well. I had fun. I hope you all like the changes. I even added a little poll to the right hand side -- check it out if you have a moment.

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Anna said...

Glad you got some pictures of the snow :-) When I saw it was snowing yesterday I thought of you. Hence, the random text message you got from me yesterday.