Thursday, January 17, 2008


January 2008

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Here is a nice close up of something that's been occupying my time since Christmas. Among my many (perhaps too many) hobbies is a love of knitting. My grandmother taught me when I was little so I could make scarves for my dolls. I suppose I've come a long way since then! This pattern is from one of my favorite collections of scarf patterns, "Scarf Style" (ISBN: 1931499543). I've used six or seven of the patterns so far. This one needed 10 skeins and I was afraid it was going to take me forever (the last one that I attempted as a challenge took nearly 18 months to complete because it was so intricate and thick). It took about 10 attempts to figure out the pattern before I realized that a few important details were left out, but once I got myself squared away with the pattern, the shawl worked up quickly and took less than two weeks. I've started a second one that I hope to finish by the end of the month so I can give it to a friend for her birthday. Wish me luck!

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Anna said...

I like the redone blog :-) Have I ever told you that I've been working on knitting the same scarf for 4 years?? I'm trying to finish it this year and that way it'll be my high school scarf.